The Collection

The museum’s collections include art and craft works, furniture, textiles, ceramics, wrought iron and glass that are related to the Rackstad Colony and its activities in the area around Arvika.
The collection also includes contemporary art and craft works present in connection with exhibitions at the museum.
The collections expand as we get donations, or the opportunity to make new purchases. Then the provenance of our paintings and objects is very important – information about who created the work, the buyers or owners, where the object came from, how it was used and so on.
The museum’s art and craft works are stored in warehouses where researchers can browse. Documentation includes photos, articles, and written works. This is kept in both files and database. Researchers are urged to make an appointment for guidance.
Our library contains literature related to the Arts & Crafts movement, art, craft work and the culture of Värmland. By all means stop for a while, choose a book and sit down for a relaxing break.